Industrial plants design

Protón Ingenieros began its journey designing facilities for power plants, industrial processes, LNG processing plants and biodiesel and bioethanol production. We have extensive experience in engineering for industrial plants and its auxiliary facilities, both in Spain and abroad.

These projects are characterized by a high density of facilities (piping and equipment), and represent a challenge for engineering given the need for space optimization and rationalization.

Our goal is to design economic and easy to build facilities, safe and easy to operate and maintain, and adapted to possible reform or expansion needs.

Specialized services

  • Project documents for presentation to the governments administration, under the building and industry regulations, chemical storage, pressure equipment and other specific regulations for the legalization of the facilities.
  • Integrated design of plants from conceptual engineering.
  • Expansions, modifications or revampings design.
  • Analysis of existing plant infrastructures for normative fulfilment.
  • Project design and ancillary infrastructure (office buildings, warehouses, workshops, etc.)