Mining projects and mineral processing plants

Protón Ingenieros has an experienced team in the design of mineral processing plants, as demonstrates its participation in the Aguas Teñidas mining project (Huelva, Spain), were the engineering works range from conception of the plant in 2007 to the currently expansion project.

We know well about the construction details and the specific problems of a mineral processing plant and, consequently, we design according to its maintenance and operation needs, taking into account the future changes that these plants are often subjected to. Using 3D modeling we are able to analyze the interferences caused by such changes, providing a quick and simple response, and adapted to the uninterrupted production requirements of these plants. Some of our services in this field are:

  • Presentation of project documents to the government administration, under the building, mining and industry regulations (chemical storage, pressure equipment and other specific regulations) for the legalization of the facilities.
  • Design of mineral processing plants and ancillary infrastructure (laboratories, office buildings, warehouses, workshops, electrical substations, waste rock dumps, tailings dams, water supply, water treatment, etc.)

Mineral processing consulting services

We provide mineral processing and metallurgical consulting services. Besides, we also perform scientific and technological investigations by means of R&D (research and development) projects.

  • Design and analysis of mineral processing and water treatment processes.
  • Technical assistance for mineral processing equipment selection.
  • Laboratory and pilot plant analysis and tests.