Protón Ingenieros starts his work in 2012 and is an engineering services provider focused on industrial plants projects, project management and specially in mineral processing plants. It originates from the company Proersys, founded in 2005, and dedicated to the project management and engineering assistance in energy, oil & gas and water treatment sectors. The first contributions in engineering of our current team were made at Proersys. In early 2012 those works became a single service developed and specialized by Protón Ingenieros.


Mision and Vision

Our main goal is to provide our customers with high quality projects and services that meet their expectations and improve the performance of their industrial facilities and activities in general.

To reach this we use the technical and human capacity of a team of up to 40 people, latest technology design methods, and flexibility and inventiveness as differentiators.

The quality and a safety focused design is part of our culture and provides the foundation for building a sustainable competitive advantage that ensures profitability for our shareholders, our customers satisfaction and personal development of our employees.




At Protón Ingenieros we consider the characteristics of each industry in which we specialize, their constructive conditions and applicable regulations in each case.

We are in constant development, and given the multidisciplinary nature of our staff, we also offer services to other sectors: indstrial plants in general, chemical processes, civil engineering, aerospace, manufacturing and product development, maintenance, logistics, etc.