How we work

For any project, to achieve the objectives of quality and on-time delivery is essential to define and control, with a good method, the design phases; starting confirming the data and developing a correct forecast of the scope of work and planning. To reach this, at Protón Ingenieros we put order and coherence in our work, together with our maximum quality requirements.

We are in a continuous improvement process, using the methodology “Plan, Do, Check, Act”, and flexible when we face to of any new technical challenge, learning quickly and adapting to the needs and way of working of our customers.

Protón Ingenieros has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) and an Enviroment Management System (EMAS) in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Engineering design phases


The development of the concept, the customer idea, requires rapid and effective tools.

Starting data confirmation is the activity that generates more value in early stages.

By a preliminary 3D design, we study the different options with customers, helping them to decide, and continue with the basic engineering.


We establish the necessary documentation for the legalization of the project, developing the engineering for:

  • Presentations.
  • Options comparative reports.
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies.
  • Technical and environmental reports.
  • Basic and Execution Project documents for legalization.


We achieve the highest detail level, avoiding on-site subcontractor interpretations and consequential failures in costs and schedules.

Detailed engineering may overlap with execution, then we provide technical assistance for any additional design and technical query resolution, and the design of special assembly maneuvers.

Our strengths

Coordination between the design, calculation, supervision and quality control departments. coordination control Task control and monitoring, real-time evaluating the project and schedule.
Fast reaction to changes in the design. fast flexibility Flexibility and adaptability to any new technical challenge.
Knowledge of technical legislation, analysis and specific application in each case, both Spanish and international codes. knowledge quality Quality at any level and uniformity in the document presentation and control.

The BIM design method

We use last technology computers and 3D design software. By Autodesk BIM solutions (Building Information Modelling) we manage to reduce the design time and possible errors. We can also provide real-time information on the progress of the work (calculation, modifications, planning, quality control, as-built information, etc.)