Industrial 3D laser topography

One of main problems of industrial plants is the lack of reliable and updated documentation of the current state of their facilities. To solve this problem quickly and effectively, Protón Ingenieros uses the latest technology, incorporating for all our services the 3D laser scanning.

We have our own 3D laser scan station (Leica ScanStation C10) with which we can achieve millimeter accuracy on the design of expansions, improvements and modifications of existing facilities, ensuring the effectiveness of our design and avoiding assembly problems and its unanticipated and high costs.

We also use 3D point cloud processing and modelling software (Cyclone Model and Cloudworxs from Leica), through which we complete the solution with the rest of our BIM 3D design tools from Autodesk and PDMS.

Among the tasks we can perform with this equipment, we highlight:

  • As-Built information: We capture with reliability and accuracy, the current “As found” and/or executed “As built” geometries of industrial facilities, developing drawings and 3D models based on scanner data.
  • Interferences (clashes) study: After scanning complex areas of the plant, we study any interference for new pipeline routes, additional structures, new equipment, cable routing, etc., without further on site checking. We also develop modularization and assembly simulations.
  • Dimensional control: We use 3D scanning to detect deviations in the manufacturing and assembly tolerances during execution. This equipment, makes possible to know the deviation of any point in a real surface regarding regular geometry: revolution surfaces, flatness, structure and piping alignment, deformation, etc.
  • Structural pathologies study.
  • Strain and displacement study (3D mesh)
  • Safety and escape routes studies.
  • 3D construction progress analysis.

If you require more information about this technology and its possible applications for your project, please contact us.