Services for Project Finance

  • Protón Ingenieros has managed close to 6 million man hours (ours plus others) in high demanding and complex projects for clients like Repsol, Dow Chemical, General Electric, Trafigura, Veolia Water and Cepsa.
  • We work at sectors like oil&gas, mining, power generation and water treatment, where technical and ethical values are essential to develop the engineering and managerial practices that leads to deliver projects within budget, time, quality, as specified and most important, with the highest safety standard and no legalisation delays.
  • From conceptual phase to operation, we understand how engineering & construction practices can reduce your project’s risks, so you can secure the expected returns in terms of time, cash flows values and discount rate.
  • Manage the real connection between causes and effects in all project’s phases & activities. Drivers that if not taken care of, sooner or later will affect to cost, quality, time, administrative delays and legal liabilities.
  • We do not only apply the best practices but we know the Spanish Legislation as the result of our work legalizing oil & gas plants, energy projects and the very complex, from environmental point of view, mining projects in the south of Spain.
  • If you are interested in investing in Spain, we are the right technical partner to assist you for all steps from conceptual to production phases.

Feasibility phase

We are your partner for the development of the required engineering, costs estimation, planning, permitting, etc. to make your project bankable and attractive to investors.

Legal & administrative documents

We can prepare all the documents you need to carry out the project. From the permits for approving & initiating the project to the final legalisation of the plant. When required, we work with third parties to certify some project aspects.

During construction we ensure that all HSE requirements are fulfilled and also that all contractors working at site are working & hiring labour as per Law, so no further liabilities are coming back to you.

Project controls

No matter how you decide to execute your project (turn key, general contractor…) we work with you to cover all project areas and assist you in being sure that all project contracts you placed are reviewed form the best management & construction practices.

Our expertise in contract administration detects dark & risky areas of the project, in order to avoid them or apply immediate remedial action.

We check that invoicing is right and according to contracts, avoiding claims and keeping variation orders low.

We can either develop the full planning or analyse & optimize it if submitter by others. We use best practices for estimating, sequencing, overlapping… so the project is performed following the best track. We detect the areas for improvement and the risky ones, advising and justifying the actions to take.


In all the activities, from engineering to construction, quality has a great impact in execution time & costs, plant performance, maintenance costs and safety. We ensure that quality committed to you under contract and quality required by law is delivered.

Often hidden in details, we know where and how to look.


Even before you have placed an order for your main engineering contractor, you need some engineering for permitting, cost estimations, planning, asking for bids, etc. At Protón Ingenieros, we are specialized in this service. We can make basic engineering for you, applying our wide knowledge of the process plants, the general and particular aspects of the process, codes fulfilment, safety, environmental, and any other Client design preferences.

This strongly based engineering can turn easily into detail and construction. Later, we can do the supervision (prefabrication, erection and commissioning)

Project & construction management

We manage the Project on your behalf. Total or partly, you decide what is best for you. We adapt.

Operation & maintenance

Select the best practices & providers and follow up during plant life. All your assets will be protected until all the amount invested is returned with the estimated risk or better.