Structural design and calculation

We optimize the calculation results to offer a structural system adjusted to the supporting requirements and the current applying normative in each country, referring to loading conditions, safety factors, deflection limits, etc, and also the construction simplicity.

We analyze by 3D BIM models (Building Information Modelling) all possible interferences between structure and walls, piping, services and equipment; avoiding the design revisions due to clashes detected at construction phase and getting a more flexible calculation process, able to assume easily these design changes.

Within structure design and calculation services we highlight the following:

  • Calculation an optimization of steel structures.
  • Welded and bolted joints calculation.
  • Finite elements analysis.
  • Reinforcement calculation.
  • Structural patology surveys.
  • Installation and services interference analysis.
  • Virtual 3D complete models for application from the design to the end of construction (Calculation, modification, bills of material, planning, quality control, As Built information, etc)