Just In Sequence

The deadlines for projects excecution are becoming tighter and there is a high risk of costs increase and delays. The benefits of our customers can fall as well as the value we create for our shareholders. Increases the possibility of reclamations and all parties may suffer an unnecessary human and organizational wear. In short, we lose competitive position. Our company profile worsens.

In addition, engineering companies face the challenge of profitable growth year after year. Increasing sales is only part of the equation. They must also be able to “do more with less.” Improve productivity and reduce costs. Better use of financial resources, organizational and human, own and those of our suppliers is a necessary condition.

It is a fact that the ability to influence the fate of your projects decreases exponentially with time. It is at the beginning, when the right decisions helps to reach successfully your contracts. As time passes decreases the flexibility of management and decisions, even the best, not only are more difficult to carry out but the results are lower than expected. Anticipation is the key.


Projects are all different, and project areas have not the same difficulty, which is why we adapt to your needs and we can study your whole project or by parts. It’s really important to focus where it is needed.

Matching your needs

Each project is studied by experts in construction, to provide the best answer.

What is Just In Sequence?

It is a construction planning service. The idea is to bring forward detailed planning made ​​by contractors when construction activities begin, set at the beginning of the project and develop it in parallel, in order to align the future needs of construction with design, procurement and subcontracts.

We do not replace your Corporate Planning and Cost Control Services, but we provide advance information for decision making.

So, when you begin the construction phase will have studied all the alternatives and made ​​the best decisions. You can start working on those areas where your project really needs it, without delays and minimizing interferences. The material and resources are always available where they are needed. Each discipline will not only get the projected progress but also allow it for the rest of the activities.

Ultimately, we advance knowledge, providing your organization with essential information about your projects, to help you to make the right decisions at all times, especially at the beginning.

What are the advantages of Just In Sequence service?

  • Increases control of your organization on the progress of their projects.
  • Helps to reduce costs and construction times.
  • Increases flexibility during construction and helps you to find in every moment the best solution to the needs of the projects.
  • Improved management of your contracts with its contractors and also reduces the likelihood of contractors claim.
  • Improves batch transfer between construction activities and coordination and individual productivity of each discipline.
  • Decreases punch lists and “unexpected last minute problems”.
  • Early aligns the design and procurement with the real needs of the project.
  • Allows your staff to focus on high value-added activities and improve your organization’s vision of their projects. Improves overall performance of your team, supporting them in making decisions.