Maneuvering design and lifting gears

We plan and design structure and equipment movements, organizing assemblies and repetitive liftings and handlings or calculating specific heavy lifting gears and maneuvres.

Increasing the preassembly works of structures and equipment on the ground, with a detailed study of these assemblies, it is possible to increase the production, reducing height works, time and costs.

With our 3D software we study all possible clashes during the movements and also plan and organize the workmanship, safety areas, etc.

Sometime the desing of the right lifting gear become critical (lifting beams, clamps, supporting systems, etc.) to accelerate those assembly steps and make possible to fulfill project objectives. We have experience on Off-Shore and Power plant sectors.

  • Study and optimization of structures, piping and equipment maneuvres.
  • Design and calculation of lifting, fabrication, and assembly equipment.
  • Cranes and rigging selection and calculation.
  • Structural checkup, stresses and deflection, in the preassembly and manoeuvre phases.
  • Geotechnical checkups, etc.