Civil works design and calculation

We optimize the calculation results of foundations, supports, ground retaining elements and concrete structures to size these elements just for the supporting requirements, the ground characteristics and the current applying normative.

We analyze the geotechnical surveys to get the best foundation system, assuring the stability and the economy on structural elements.

Apart from cast-in elements, we design prefabricated elements, that guarantee a higher quality product and an easy and cleaner installation.

By 3D design software we can develop assembly secuences and joint details for an easier and quick execution.

Between the civil works calculation and design services we highlight the following ones:

  • Geotechnical surveys analysis.
  • Calculation and optimization of concrete structures foundations, ground improvements, etc.
  • Calculation of reinforced masonry and retaining walls.
  • Urbanization design, roads, drainage systems, and other underground services.
  • Building pathologies surveys and structural reinforcements.
  • 3D Virtual Models.