Project management services

Protón Ingenieros has experience in projects and construction integrated management. We design operation systems for the projects and constructions performance, specifically adapted to your Company’s resources, capacities and expectative, helping you to settle and execute the best performance strategy.


Project management Oversight

We provide the managers of the companies working in construction projects with the objective and accurate information which they request about the actual status of their projects, anticipating the potential risks and dificulties which may affect to safety, quality, costs and delivery periods. We analyse the project organisation and perform periodic evaluations to the planning, quality, progress and performance of your subcontractors.

Supervision and construction management

We have specific methods and tools for projects execution monitoring, based in a strict order, rigor and clarity of the flow of on site information, working close together with the quality assurance people.


We study your project programmes and schedules in conjunction with experts in construction, design and start-up, which will enable you, not only to achieve your projects delivery on time, but also the optimisation of your resources and safety for your personnel and facilities. We analyse the sequences logic and durations in order to reduce risks; we also design acceleration programmes and study your project productivity. With our service Just-in-sequence we join your team to reduce construction costs and periods.

Logistics control for project and production

We develop a material management system controlled by our own ERP software (SMG), that has been tested successfully in several projects. With this software it is possible to control the stocks levels of the construction warehouse, registering exactly the material availability and providing reliable information on the possible production and recording of incidents, faults, complaints and requests.Read more…

Quality control

The Quality Control is one of our strengths. As being part of our culture, we also develop a quality control service for project construction through the development of procedures, inspection points programs, monitoring of tests, until commissioning.

Document control

An orderly document flow, rigorous and efficiently managed is essential for a proper execution. In Protón Ingenieros we are aware of this and develop documentation control systems, emission procedures and criteria for documents coding (reports, drawings, etc..)

Measurement and invoicing control

We measure drawings of any discipline, reliably and quickly, obtaining the quantities to be certified and ensuring that they are billed correctly and in compliance with the specifications in the contract.

Maneuvering and lifting gears design

We plan and design structure and equipment movements, organizing assemblies and repetitive liftings and handlings or calculating specific heavy lifting gears and maneuvres. We have experience on Off-Shore and Power plant sectors. Read more…