Protón Ingenieros have developed an ERP software for material management during construction of industrial plants, oil&gas and power plants, in an integral way, delivering real time traceability control.

This software, called SGM (“Sistema de Gestión de Materiales”) allows a strict material verification at warehouse reception point and counts, in real time, the material delivered to site, the available material and the possible production. In this way, the storage time is reduced, optimizing the required space and having the material “just in time” for its use on site and with the possibility of assignment to a specific contract or area of the project.

SGM is a modular software, to adapt to the characteristics of each project, being also in constant development to meet the needs of each client. Among its functions, the following are highlighted:

  • Centralized database.
  • Flexibility in the configuration of storage areas (before and during construction)
  • Site data entry from tablet devices.
  • Material delivery verification, faults, orders, replacement material, etc.
  • Traceability and control of delivery notes, isometrics, etc.
  • Stock, incidents and possible production reports.
  • Specific modules for control of piping material (SGM.PIPING), components (solar fields) (SGM.COMP), generic warehouse (SGM.ALMACEN), structure and equipment.

¿How it works?

The client applications, SGM.OFICINA for project management and SGM.TABLET for movements registration, of each specific module are synchronized with the central module SGM.CORE that manages the database on a server. The synchronization of tablet and readers devices used on site is done in batches, allowing work without connection.

esquema SGM