Project and production logistics control

Protón Ingenieros has wide experience in material management for industrial plants construction. We have also our own ERP software that is in constant development to suit each client requirements.

This software, called SGM (Material management system) “Sistema de Gestión de Materiales”) allows us to carry out a proper report of real time available stock and possible production by a strict verification at material reception in the warehouse. This reduces the storage time, optimizing the space needs and taking the material “just in time” to deliver to site and the possibility of assignment to a particular subcontractor or project area.

  • Material management procedures developing.
  • Material monitoring and verification during construction.
  • ERP software SGM with central database. Regular “on site” updating from SGM-Tablet and stocks reporting from SGM-Oficina.
  • Material checking on delivery, material faults, orders, reposition material, etc.
  • Specific control modules for solar collector materials, structure, equipment and piping.
  • Delivery notes control, heat number, isometric, etc.